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Title: CIW and some Bass.
Post by: estuary girl on January 03, 2011, 10:10:39 PM
Recently I partook in an online Bass comp wonderfully organised by Leper over on KFDU which ran over 10 days in Dec.Once you nominated you had to nominate your chosen day that you would fish.
I approached tuesday(my nominated day) with a stack of trepidation.My head and heart has been on leave from fishing lately I think mainly as I have been tied up renovating and the run down to Christmas.I have decided to force myself away from the house to get back into my fishing again.
With the local river's a mess and definately not planning on fishing any of them while the levels were up or on my own with regards to safety, I decided to head to CIW(Clear Island Water's) and have a fish with John(Silver19).

The weather wasn't looking crash hot down that way but what did I have to lose! 
We endured rain,rain and more rain.At one stage I think we were flat out seeing too far with how hard it was coming down.I thought to myself I must be nuts!!!! :o 
Picked a couple of small tacker's to get the monkey off my back then my sounder battery packed it in so I relied on John to give me heads up on depth etc.
Luckily John found what we were looking for on a point and we preceeded to nail one after the other with each pass!!!!
He picked up the fish of the trip which went I think just over 40cm.Nice Bass John!!! :thumbsup
I remember roughly 6 or so fish over 35cm for myself and had a blast up until they shut down.
Also had a Duffrod on board to try and what can I say in that I have fallen in "lurve" :-*.Wasn't too sure with the extra length in the rod being that I normally like rods that have short butts.They tend to sit better in the hand.But the balance of the extra length nestled against my inner forearm beautifully coupled with the beautifully moulded reel seat that sat well in my hand.Never once did the extra length feel unusually foreign and in the way.
Think I will have to shout myself a "Valentine's Day" pressie.   
Now to get some good weather and have a go on the Bream with it!

This was the hottest session I have ever had there and in the most atrocious conditions to boot!!!! 
Thanks again to John for the company,pics and for showing me a top launch spot. :thanks 

Title: Re: CIW and some Bass.
Post by: Bracey on January 04, 2011, 05:11:35 AM
Nice report Toni, what a great day on the water, beside the downpours!  :youbeauty
Title: Re: CIW and some Bass.
Post by: Dick Pasfield on January 04, 2011, 10:14:54 AM
Little dog likes that bass :)
Title: Re: CIW and some Bass.
Post by: bushwacker on January 04, 2011, 11:20:43 PM
Id say you did pretty good concidering Toni well done!