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Title: Water Grid Update - As at 1.00pm 12/1/11
Post by: Big_Ren on January 12, 2011, 02:19:50 PM
Hi all

Below is the most recent media release issued about the status of Wivenhoe and the water grid in general. Issued at 1.00pm today (Wednesday 12/1/11).


12 January 2011
NOTE: All SEQ dams remain safe, stable and operating within their design specifications. Currently, Wivenhoe Dam is at 190 per cent down from 191 per cent overnight. This reflects the current ease in the weather. Somerset Dam is now at 190 per cent. Wivenhoe’s five radial gates are currently releasing 205,000 megalitres per day, down from 370,000 megalitres and an overnight peak of 645,000 megalitres. This strategy is to allow for the Bremer and Lockyer Rivers to subside. After the expected downstream peak in the lower Brisbane River has passed, releases will need to be increased to 301,000 megalitres per day.  However, this increase is unlikely to cause a second significant rise in the river. These controlled releases must continue in order to relieve Wivenhoe Dam’s swollen flood storage compartment in order to create space for further rainfall and inflows. They are being made in consultation with the Bureau of Meteorology and local councils and every effort is being made to limit downstream impacts where possible. Due to a combination of Lockyer Creek, local runoff and Wivenhoe releases, Twin Bridges, Savages Crossing, Burtons Bridge, Kholo Bridge Colleges Crossing, Fernvale Bridge, and Mt Crosby Weir Bridge may be inundated until at least Sunday 16 January. Residents are urged to contact local councils for detailed information on road crossing closures and other impacts. All recreations areas around Somerset and Wivenhoe are closed, and given the dam levels and the need for safety around spillways, we will not be able to facilitate any land-based media access to our sites today. Five gates are open at North Pine Dam, however with no further rainfall, the gates are expected to close today or tomorrow. The local Council is being kept informed regarding Youngs Crossing. Gate releases at Leslie Harrison Dam are underway due to rainfall and inflows, however these may cease later today. Water has spilled from Wyaralong Dam after it exceeded 100 per cent capacity yesterday morning. A minor release of around 8,000 megalitres a day is being made through the emergency gates at Hinze Dam. There is no public access to the spillway. For detailed information on river levels, road and crossing closures and other potential impacts, always contact your local council.
South East Queensland residents have been encouraged to limit the amount of water they use in coming days until the impact of flooding on water infrastructure can be fully assessed. Water remains safe to drink and major water treatment plants are not expected to be impacted by flooding. Most major drinking water reservoirs are at 75 per cent capacity or higher. Water Grid spokesperson Dan Spiller said the suggestion to conserve water as a precaution until a full assessment can be made of expected damage to smaller treatment plants and reservoirs, mostly in outlying areas of the SEQ region. “There is a limited supply of water in some local reservoirs and we are unable to get tankers in to replenish supplies due to flooded roads. We are also facing issues with loss of power at some smaller water treatment plants. “We are therefore encouraging all SEQ residents to assist in the flood response by restricting non-essential water use until further notice.”  The Water Grid, local retailers and Emergency Management Queensland are working closely to gain access to the impacted plants and to rectify all situations to maintain essential supplies. “We are working urgently to find ways for tankers to get in and replenish supplies. We are also considering options for getting bottled water in to those areas,” said Mr Spiller. Residents with further enquiries can contact their local water retailer with further questions:
Unitywater– 07 5431 8333
Queensland Urban Utilities - 13 26 57
Allconnex – 1300 000 928
For general emergencies please call 13 23 64.