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Title: Water Grid update - 18/1/11
Post by: Big_Ren on January 18, 2011, 12:26:29 PM
Hi Folks

Here is today's water grid update.......Wivenhoe now 107%




18 January 2011, 11.45am




NOTE: All SEQ dams remain safe, stable and operating within their design specifications.


Wivenhoe Dam is at 107 per cent and continues to drop steadily. Releases remained constant overnight at around 176,000 megalitres per day and are now reducing with the commencement of the gate closing sequence which began at 9am this morning.


The five radial gates are expected to be shut by Thursday to allow for the high tides that have been predicted for later this week. Subject to weather, it is expected that the damís flood storage compartment will have been returned to near zero from Thursday with any smaller excesses discharged via a smaller cone valve.


Inflows and water levels continue to be monitored in the Brisbane and Pine catchments.


Somerset Dam is at 99 per cent with small discharges through the cone valves into Wivenhoe. All sluice gates at Somerset are closed.


Releases are being made in consultation with the Bureau of Meteorology and local councils and every effort is being made to limit downstream impacts where possible.


Residents are urged to contact local councils for detailed information on road crossing closures and other impacts.


Recreation areas around Somerset and Wivenhoe remain closed until further notice due to safety. People are advised not to travel to any recreation sites during the flood situation, even if the roads are open.


North Pine Dam is at 99 per cent and all five gates remain closed.


The gates at Hinze Dam closed this morning.