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Title: Apprentice on deck.
Post by: Binder on May 01, 2011, 06:01:29 PM
I had decided I was going to take 2 sons to Baroon Pocket today, to teach them the finer arts of surface lure fishing. Last trip up there I had noticed the spangled perch were particularly aggressive on poppers and fizzers, but hard to get to stick to the bass sized lures. A Good learning opportunity for the boys I thought.

So I dredged out the bream lures and rods, and made preparations.  Then oldest son got an invite to stay over at a mates place, so it was only Alex going.

After several wake ups, and finally blanket removal, Alex was out of bed and we were on our way. Launched at 6, good shooting light.

Straight over the the weed beds in front of the cabins, and sure enough the spangleds were hitting bugs all over the surface.

So spent the next half hour teaching alex how to work poppers, fizzers, walkers and pencil (walk the bog style) lures along and over the weed beds. Very frustrating for him, you dont realise how much accuracy matters until you watch "lightning" striking everywhere but where the fish are rising, but he managed quite a few good hits and we boated a few of the savage little beasties.

I had gathered a few shrimp by then, so we headed over to an old spot that used to work for me before all the rain washed all the bass away, I figured let him catch a few more spangleds on bait, maybe boat a cattie or two.

But to my amazement, we started catching bass!
Ran to 5 bass, 2 big catties, and a gazillion spangleds by the time we ran out of bait. No touches on lures (as usual) Pics to follow.

Title: Re: Apprentice on deck.
Post by: Binder on May 01, 2011, 06:57:24 PM
The bass.