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Title: Monduran Kayak Fishing Tourney
Post by: StevenM on July 21, 2011, 07:51:26 AM
ABT/Daiwa Barra tour are holding a kayak barra competition at Monduran Dam Gin Gin.
This is a teams events and is held over 2 days - October 1st & 2nd 2011 - below is a link to the rules and conditions

http://www.bream.com.au/abt/2011/Trophykayakrules11.pdf (http://www.bream.com.au/abt/2011/Trophykayakrules11.pdf)

Also a link to the entry form

http://www.bream.com.au/abt/2011/Trophykayakef.pdf (http://www.bream.com.au/abt/2011/Trophykayakef.pdf)

All info re this go to australianbarra.com.au or follow this link

http://www.australianbarra.com.au/modul (http://www.australianbarra.com.au/modul) ... cle&sid=67