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Title: Cox's Gudgeon found in Qld
Post by: Editor on October 20, 2011, 10:28:42 AM
Info forwarded from Qld Museum


The most northern record of Cox's Gudgeon, Gobiomorphus coxii, was until recently from Mt Crosby on the Brisbane River. That fish was collected in 1941 and lodged in the collection of the Queensland Museum. No other records of this species in the Brisbane River or further north have been made until this year.
Recently Qld govt scientists from DERM have again found Cox’s Gudgeon in the Brisbane River, as well as in several streams on the Sunshine Coast.
Cox's Gudgeon is relatively common in coastal freshwater streams of NSW, but rarely found in Queensland. The species is easily confused with the Striped Gudgeon, Gobiomorphus australis, which is common in SEQ. It appears the recently floods may be resulted in Cox's Gudgeon moving around more than usual and perhaps spawning with more success than usual this far north.