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Title: Yellowbelly(Golden Perch)
Post by: rdhiggins on December 30, 2011, 12:11:03 PM
Does anyone know of any good fishing spots to catch Yellowbelly around the Emerald area that could be suitable for camping as well?
Title: Re: Yellowbelly(Golden Perch)
Post by: Sweetwater on January 01, 2012, 03:45:52 PM
I can't remember if you're allowed to camp on the town common at Emerald, if not there is caravan parks there.

There's are a couple of weirs in Emerald, I know you can fish boat on the bottom one, not sure about the top weir; you may need to seek the good graces of a property owner; Pilly (http://www.sweetwaterfishing.com.au/Forum/index.php?action=profile;u=245) will know.
 http://maps.google.com.au/?ll=-23.52913,148.170633&spn=0.039583,0.0842&t=h&vpsrc=6&z=14 (http://maps.google.com.au/?ll=-23.52913,148.170633&spn=0.039583,0.0842&t=h&vpsrc=6&z=14)

There's yellowbelly throughout the Fitzroy River catchment, including the Nogoa River through Emerald.

I've camped at the Bedford Weir (MacKenzie River) near Blackwater, caught yellowbelly & saratoga there.
http://maps.google.com.au/?ll=-23.372376,148.839147&spn=0.009908,0.02105&t=h&vpsrc=6&z=16 (http://maps.google.com.au/?ll=-23.372376,148.839147&spn=0.009908,0.02105&t=h&vpsrc=6&z=16)