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Title: Dumaresq 18/3
Post by: WayneD on March 18, 2012, 09:34:58 AM
Went fishing yesterday. Left home at 3:30am and got home at 9:30pm. Half that time was spent driving down there and back with stops at Macca's for breaky and KFC for dinner (which by the way tastes awesome after a long days fishing).

Anyway we launched at a new spot that Steve hadn't fished before and went both upstream and downstream. This section of the creek was strewn with boulders and there was a fair bit of portaging which was hazardous at times as it was very slippery. End up on my ass once and had a number of close calls. The fishing was slow and took us a couple hours to land the first cod. I had already hooked and dropped two in a little pool before Steve managed to stay connected to one.

I then had another two close encounters, dropping both of them, one right at my feet. We had just dragged the yaks across some rocks and Steve said have a throw in there. So I did and dropped a fish on the first cast and a fish on about the 30th cast, by now I was super pissed at dropping four and sitting on a donut. Anyway onto the next likely looking spot.

I finally had an anchor and used it to position myself in some fast flowing water to be able to cast at a log that was just off the edge of the faster flow. A few casts in and I was connected again. This time I managed to stay connected and fought the fish through the current and finally managed to land my one and only cod for the trip. We continued upstream for a bit but eventually turned around and headed back for the downstream section of where we launched.

Not much happening in the two pools below where we launched. Some carp jumping out in the middle of the creek. I was over by the side of the creek and facing up current into a snag when I saw this carp jump clean out of the water the pick at some kind of small plant that was hanging over the edge of the water. I don't know if it was a berry, inset or just the leaf that it was getting but it was pretty cool to watch.

I managed to get two hits out of one retrieve out of this likely looking snag. So I cast back in and retrieved the spinnerbait to the boat by the time I had done this I was out of position so at the end of the retrieve I layed the rod down on my lap and reached for my paddle. Next second I see my rod headed for the side with a fish attached to it. A little yella had followed the lure out and struck while the lure was motionless in the water beside the yak. Never had that happen before.

All in all a great day on the water exploring new ground and thanks to Steve for driving me there. Although I have to complain about his car seat, my ass was sore before I even got in the yak. Captiva's are not comfy!!
Title: Re: Dumaresq 18/3
Post by: Nativeman on March 18, 2012, 11:34:54 AM
Nice Fishin Fella's

Wish I had gone but too much on...

Both the new yaks look great..Must say that color of yours is starting to grow on me Wayne...I am starting to really like it. looks good in Cod Country...


Title: Re: Dumaresq 18/3
Post by: StevenM on March 19, 2012, 09:24:58 AM
As Wayne said, it was a early start to head down and break our new kayaks in on some cod.

I searched a few topo maps and the good old Google earth and found a possible two launch spots.

This was all new territory that I have not fished and when we looked at the first put in we saw the river looked great but the drop in to the river was not the easiest. So we headed down the road about 500 meters to the next gate to find the grass had been mown around the area so that was a bonus and the river drop in spot look a heap better.

So we set up. What do you recon good looking spot or what?  There is the new Hobie Quest 11 hiding in the grass.


We decided to head upstream and the area was littered with boulders, rocky outcrops with small still pools, fast flowing water and all this just meant lots of portage.


As we crossed each pool or fast flow we just found some stones to stand on and have a cast.


Wayne dropped one in that spot before I just paddled over, stuck the nose of the Quest straight into the current and shot off a few cast. Eventually this tacker popped out of his hidy hole to slam the lure in the fast flowing current.


A portage we went and a few pools later after dropping about 4 fish Wayne finally christened the poofter rod.


And a close up for the family album.


Eventually we went as far as we wanted in about 4 hours and turned around and headed downstream. Not particularly targeting any spot but to get back below to the big pool where we put in and look around that area.  The pool had a few deep holes up to 6 meters deep and Wayne and I hit different sides of the river.

As we crossed a few pools we always had a cast into the top and bottom of the holes.


All in all it was a good day. Only a couple of fish landed, but good company, new area and had a ball.
Happy with the new Quest  11 over my old kayak. It ticked all the boxes that I was not sure about and the ability to hold nose into the current astounded me.  I rarely actually dropped my anchor and it was a pleasure to paddle into the fast flowing current with ease.

Looking forward to heading down there again and doing it all again in a month or so.
Title: Re: Dumaresq 18/3
Post by: Novice on March 19, 2012, 06:39:58 PM
Show me the curls
Title: Re: Dumaresq 18/3
Post by: WayneD on March 19, 2012, 08:56:22 PM
My Noa's got some corkers on it already. You wouldn't believe it's only a week old!!!
Title: Re: Dumaresq 18/3
Post by: Gigantor on March 20, 2012, 07:47:08 AM
Good work fellas.  Looks nice country too.  Green fish are a bonus.


Title: Re: Dumaresq 18/3
Post by: StevenM on March 20, 2012, 08:51:50 AM
Show me the curls

Best I can do Dave

Camera doesnt show it up real well but can guarentee all the way from front to back, pulled a few off before I put away.

Funny thing was Wayne actally said, "now that is how you treat a Hobie" as I was dragging it.

Its no sooky girls kayak.

Drag Drag Drag.


Title: Re: Dumaresq 18/3
Post by: Novice on March 20, 2012, 02:48:00 PM
Hahahaha awesome  :Clap)
Title: Re: Dumaresq 18/3
Post by: WayneD on March 21, 2012, 07:10:53 PM
Here ya go. Not bad for a one week old yak. Certainly has some carnage on it already.
Title: Re: Dumaresq 18/3
Post by: takrat on March 21, 2012, 08:51:56 PM
Nice little session there boys, at least you caught something. What is that big SNAG in the middle of the river? (Sensitive New Age Guy) The river looks to have cleaned up pretty well too.
Title: Re: Dumaresq 18/3
Post by: Tropicaltrout on March 26, 2012, 08:07:16 PM
Hey mate ave ya a call sunday arvo, thought ya must have been and gone. Looks like a good session anyways mate well done.

Title: Re: Dumaresq 18/3
Post by: donut.dog on April 01, 2012, 08:29:37 PM
Top looking spot fellas and nice cod. Was that on private property or nature reserve youse were on. ps I have one of those hard front seat Captivas nice to know its not just mine that gives you a sore ass on trips. Thanks for the story and pics. :thanks
Title: Re: Dumaresq 18/3
Post by: StevenM on April 01, 2012, 09:14:30 PM
Not private mate

Straight in from a TSR
Title: Re: Dumaresq 18/3
Post by: donut.dog on April 04, 2012, 08:15:46 PM
Thanks for the reply mate. This might be a dumb question but whats the TSR?
Title: Re: Dumaresq 18/3
Post by: StevenM on April 04, 2012, 08:33:50 PM
No such thing as a dumb question mate

If you dont know, then ask.

Traveling Stock Route

If you are traveling the road, keep an eye for some pink ribbon that I have placed around the areas.

If you are chasing some more areas then get onto a info site out west and track down a Western Downs Fishing and Camping map.

Also look in locations and you will find some areas and or look do a search that Fitz did called "Up and down the Dumaresq"
Title: Re: Dumaresq 18/3
Post by: UBK on April 05, 2012, 01:11:29 PM
Nice, I found a TSR and it led down a fair way until 2m of the river, where it was fenced with a private property sign...... it was a nice bit of river too....
Title: Re: Dumaresq 18/3
Post by: DARC on April 13, 2012, 03:44:51 PM
It's good to see you blokes don't let a few scratches on the new toys get in the way of a good fishin trip!
Good post!