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Title: 9/10/10 Once in a lifetime NPD.
Post by: rayke1938 on October 09, 2010, 07:03:33 PM
Got up at 3am and looked outside and it was pouring and around 15knots of wind But on checking seabreeze it said only 10 knots at airport and Dayboro said less after having to get calculator to convert wind speed from meters per second into KPH.
 So a quick cuppa and a bite to eat and off to pick up Aaron at 5am.
Listening to Nuggets fishing program on 4BC and it was all doom and gloom with everyone saying to stay at home and get brownie points fixing things up at home.
 Decided to carry on and at least have a look.
 When we passed over Sideling Creek it was running a banker so it looks like Kurwongbah is spilling .
Arrived at ramp with just a few spits of intermittent rain and little wind so off we went.
Observed that the snag in the launch area is soon to be covered so looks like they may open flood gates tomorrow or Monday.

Soon as we turned into Koala straight the wind picked up and could only make 3mph into it so it was a slow trip down to bait up the pots. I also ensured that they had a bit of extra rope out so that they wont float away in case SEQ water decided to hold back the rise in level.

It was nice and calm in the cross straight where I have my pots but as soon as we poked our nose around the corned the wind was up again.
We found a large school of fish in 25 feet of water near the Fig tree but couldn't get the anchor to hold to have a go at them.
 We then decided to find a lee shore and try in some calmer waters.
Thought that this looked pretty promising so anchored up and there we stayed for the next couple of hours.

Immediate hook up on deploying bait. I think that at one stage Aaron caught 17 consecutive fish without the sinker hitting the bottom.




Blown fish.

(http://i240.photobucket.com/albums/ff255/rayke1938/th_PA090492.jpg) (http://s240.photobucket.com/albums/ff255/rayke1938/?action=view&current=PA090492.mp4)





Smallest fish boated was a tagged bass at 38cm but may have been some smaller as most were released in the water.
Final score after running out of bait.
 122 bass
2 yellas
2 tandanus.
 Only thing taken home was the usual feed of redclaw for Aaron.

I hadn't really noticed if it was raining much when we were fishing but it did get heavier on the way back and the motor on the winch was really grunting when pulling boat on to the trailer and it took a while for the bilge pump to empty the boat.

This would be the best session I have ever had on NPD and reckon it will be a while before I can beat it.

Aaron thanks for the company and assistance.

Title: Re: 9/10/10 Once in a lifetime NPD.
Post by: Seasquirt on October 11, 2010, 08:28:37 PM
Good on you for getting out there.

What a buzz that must have been while the rest of us are going

---"no fish are going to be around in this kind of weather?"

Ya just proved us wrong .  Cheers