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Title: Pindari Dam flow increase
Post by: Editor on August 16, 2013, 04:19:51 PM
Pindari dam flow increase.

 NSW State water advises that Releases are planned to increase from 350 ML/day to 3000 ML/day at 08:00 on 17/08/13.
Title: Re: Pindari Dam flow increase
Post by: Editor on August 18, 2013, 12:34:44 PM

Updated stimulus flow advice - Pindari Dam into the Severn River

The NSW Office of Water today updated flow advice for the Severn River in Northern NSW.
As a requirement of the NSW Border Rivers Regulated Rivers Water Sharing Plan, the NSW Government commenced a release of 4000 megalitres from Pindari dam to improve river health and productivity.

On 15 August, the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder advised that they would match this release with an additional 4000 megalitres meaning that a total of 8000 megalitres of water will be released from Pindari dam commencing today, 16 August 2013.
Flows from Pindari will increase from 350 megalitres per day on 16 August 2013, peaking at 3000 megalitres per day on 17 August before returning to normal flows on 24 August.

These flows will continue downstream from the Severn River into the Macintyre River and beyond, which is the target of the additional 4000 megalitres of Commonwealth environmental water holdings.

Anticipated river levels at the following locations are expected as a result of this planned release
Severn River at Ducca Marrin (gauge) will peak at 1.9 metres on the 17 of August
Severn River at Ashford will peak at 1.45 metres on 18 August.

Landholders are advised that these are estimated river heights only and exact heights may vary due to possible inflows from tributaries of the Severn River.
They are further advised to take all necessary actions to protect property and stock.