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Title: Lake Baroon and Ewen Maddock Dam Public meetings
Post by: aussiebasser on October 01, 2013, 10:44:27 AM
Registrations are closing soon for the Recreation Review Workshop for Lake Baroon and Ewen Maddock Dam  to be held at Maleny on Saturday 12th October.

We have had a great couple of weeks with lots of feedback and over 130 online surveys having been completed for these lakes.

If you have completed the online survey and would like to contribute further, make sure you register for the workshop and come along and have your say. The workshop is designed to capture and explore your ideas about opportunities for the recreation activities on and around these lakes. Working in groups you will have the opportunity to provide feedback on the activities that currently work well and those that provide opportunity for change. The outcomes of this workshop will be submitted to Seqwater as a part of the review process.
Attendees from this workshop will be invited to attend a second workshop to further explore the implications and possibilities of the identified ideas to enhance the recreation opportunities.

There is a two step process to register for workshop 1:
1.       Visit [url=http://www.yourseqwater.com.au]www.yourseqwater.com.au[/url] ([url]http://www.yourseqwater.com.au[/url]). You will need to register for the website by clicking the ‘register to get involved’ button located on the top right hand side of the homepage, and then follow the instructions provided.
2.       After you have registered for the website, and logged in, click on ‘Group 4 – Lake Baroon and Ewen Maddock’ on the right hand side of the page which will take you to the specific page for these two lakes. Here you will find the ‘Group 4 – Workshop Registration Form’ that you will need to complete to register for the workshop. The form is located roughly in the middle of the page, white font on a black background.
Please note that both of the above steps must be completed to successfully register for the workshop. Should you encounter any difficulties, please contact the recreation team on either recreationreview@seqwater.com.au or 1800 505 182.
Registrations for the workshop will close on Thursday 10 October 2013 so make sure you register now! Registered attendees will be notified of the workshop venue and time via email once attendance numbers have been confirmed.

Only 130 surveys completed.  That doesn't sound like many.