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Title: Mooine River new years trip report
Post by: Sweetwater on January 03, 2014, 12:05:58 AM
Did a trip along the Moonie River for several days camping, fishing, exploring some historical sites.

There's no flow in the Moonie River, in fact there are several sections with no water at all; only the permanent holes are holding anything.

First call on the way out was to Tara to check out the lagoon there on Undulla Creek.

Stopped at a crossing south of Tara and found water good enough to hold some fish.

Had a great new years eve at a reserve near Moonie Crossroads with guitar and ukulele getting pulled out to see in the new year.

We only took one punnet of worms as we didn't really expect to do any fishing, but a raging hot day in high 40s saw us all give up on the search for historical sites and settle down near a small hole for cool beverages. Opening the worms we found they had all been cooked in the heat so we sacrificed a couple of the very tasty tiger prawns for bait. Only a couple of bites were had so we tried some corn (for carp) which didn't get a nibble. The bait traps caught absolutely nothing so we had nothing else to try, but the priority wasn't fishing so the rods were packed away.

Moving further down stream we called into a property formerly owned by my family. The new owners allowed us to visit the old homestead built by my great grand father. The old place, hadn't been lived in for around 50 years and had finally been beaten by the elements a few years back, collapsing into a pile. A couple of personal family items were found (with metal detectors) & recovered in the wreckage and we moved on further west.

A great spot to camp was found at another reserve and an enjoyable night (still very hot however) was had. Another historical site we had previously discovered on private property was next on the list. Among the several old trinkets found was a 1870 penny; a pretty good find.

We turned back east and headed for home, stopping in to see my old uncle at Flinton. After a tour of the Flinton race track and a cool drink we waved good bye to the Moonie River until next time.

Last stop was a quick drop in to Lake Broadwater near Dalby for a look.

Anyhow, below is a few pictures of the trip.
Title: Re: Mooine River new years trip report
Post by: Sweetwater on January 03, 2014, 12:15:59 AM
New Years eve