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Title: Could anyone from Scone fishing club give me a ring
Post by: PC on January 20, 2014, 10:02:46 PM
Hi guys
Got a big problem and not sure which way to go
Here it is in a nutshell
I purchased a boat from tomos marine in Marks point,Newcastle 6 months ago
The boat needed a refurb which I did, I went to register it but waterways rang the previous owner, who put a stop on the registration.   As he hasn't been paid for it
The boat was on consignment for approx 2 years
Now waterways have kept my paperwork and refuse to give me the contact details for the owner
Dept of fair trading are doing what they can, but getting know where
So my reason for my post is to see if anyone on the forum knows of anyone that has had a boat in Tomo's Marine marks point
Boat yard told me to #### off and it wasn't my concern

I do believe that the boat came from the Scone are
It's a 4.2 Bermuda on a Bermuda trailer

Any help would be appreciated