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Title: Roseneath Station Report
Post by: Sweetwater on February 10, 2014, 11:01:52 PM
Aussiebasser & I went for a tour down around the NSW/Qld border region. Checked out the Condamine River in a few places, it had a nice flow in it. Ran further south to the border to find the Dumaresq River running nicely as well. There had been water being dumped out of Glenlyon Dam so the river downstream of there had been up by approx 600mm (we were told).

We stayed at Roseneath Station on the NSW side of the border. This property has a couple of different accommodation options; shearers quarters or a cottage.

This property has good access to the river with a larger frontage onto the river and a couple of easy launch point for paddlers. Will post some pictures of the property when I download them.

I'd fished through this section of river several times before and had a good idea on where there should be some fish.

Fishing. after a quick visit to Glenlyon Dam the gossip was that the river was fishing tough with the water being up, but we put in and had a flick late afternoon anyway. Didn't get much until the sun dipped below the horizon then there was a flurry of activity with a few fishing being landed in a short period on surface lures. I managed to get a cracker strike on video, this was the best fish of the night.
Next morning we hit the river again & the surface lures were getting smacked again, at one stage in 2 casts I got 3 hits, hooked up, dropped the fish & then got 2 hits on the next cast. Same fish? I don't know..... Another couple of cod were caught before it warmed up enough for us to call it & take a leisurely cruise home.

Roseneath Station is a nice place to stay. Good security for your gear while on the water and good access to the river. Come the cooler season it could be a warmer option that camping on the river bank on those cold nights. You can email them HERE>>> (bookings@roseneathstation.com.au?subject=Enquiry from Sweetwaterfishing.com.au) for enquiries

There is some video attached below for members (You need to be logged in to download it) to see a pearler surface strike we happened to catch on video. Will post some more pictures and video in coming days.

Title: Re: Roseneath Station Report
Post by: aussiebasser on February 11, 2014, 10:21:50 AM
A great weekend.  That surface strike was a cracker.  Lure was a Jackall Pompadour.  Nice bit of river down there, and the people at Roseneath were very accommodating. 
Title: Re: Roseneath Station Report
Post by: StevenM on February 12, 2014, 07:07:37 AM
The station loogs good Fitz and a reasonable cost as well.

Think I will put that one down as a must try
Title: Re: Roseneath Station Report
Post by: Sweetwater on April 14, 2014, 09:36:31 AM
Here are a few pictures from Roseneath Station.

There are a few different accomodation options from the The Farm House, to Shearers Quarters to the Fisherman's Hut.

The property is right on the Dumarsq River, the views of the river from the property are brilliant. You can drive right to the river in front of the property with a good launch point easily accessed.


Berin & Tammy
Bruxner Highway, Tenterfield NSW 2372

Ph: 02 6737 5243 or 0429 375 233
Email: bookings@roseneathstation.com.au (bookings@roseneathstation.com.au?subject=Roseneath Station enquiry from sweetwaterfishing.com.au)