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Title: Dartmouth flows to vary during spring
Post by: Editor on October 15, 2014, 11:45:32 PM
Flow advice: Dartmouth flows to vary during spring
15 October 2014 - MDBA

Landholders and river users on the Mitta Mitta River are advised to take into account variable flows from Dartmouth Reservoir for the remainder of spring, and make adjustments to their river activities as necessary.

Water is currently being transferred from Dartmouth to Hume Reservoir to meet high water demand from downstream users following several dry months.

The release from Dartmouth is currently 3500 megalitres per day (ML/day) at Colemans gauge (gauge height 2.0 metres). Releases are planned to vary throughout the remainder of spring within the range of 2000 ML/day (1.7m) to 7000 ML/day (2.5m) at Colemans gauge.

The flow at Tallandoon is currently around 4500 ML/day (2.5m gauge height). Under dry conditions, the variable release from Dartmouth would result in flows at Tallandoon of between 2300 ML/day (2.0m) and 7500 ML/day (3.0m).

As at 14 October, Dartmouth Reservoir was at 93 per cent capacity (3602 GL) and Hume Reservoir was at 77 per cent capacity (2333 GL).

Bulk transfers of water from Dartmouth aim to ensure there is sufficient water in Hume Reservoir during summer and autumn to meet the demands of downstream users. If conditions remain dry, bulk transfers of water to Hume Reservoir are likely to continue throughout summer and autumn.

Where operationally possible, these transfers are managed for environmental and community benefit.
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