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Title: Forrest lake pest fish day
Post by: rayke1938 on November 27, 2014, 10:58:38 AM
Anyone going
https://www.blocked link.com/events/850638688302997/ (https://www.blocked link.com/events/850638688302997/)
You will have to google it as the link to fb is blocked and that was the only thing that i could find.
Title: Re: Forest lake pest fish event Sunday 30/11/14
Post by: Sweetwater on November 27, 2014, 10:19:41 PM
Correst, all links on posts to farce book are blocked. Wont allow links to sites that freely allow porn, racism, hatred, sexism, swearing etc

Anyhow, there was one there in May 2014. More silver perch & barred grunter caught than Tilapia I'm told.... go figure hey?

Info on next event.

Forrest Lake Pest Fishing Day

Where - Forrest Lake

When - 30 November 2014

Time - 7:00am

Learn how to identify pest fish species and the impact they pose on our native fish and aquatic habitat. During the event, residents will able to fish for ferals including African Tilapia (a hardy fish whose effective breeding habits can lead to it overrunning native species), Barred Grunter (a north Qld fish that has been released into southern waterways), other noxious fish such as carp, and ornamental fish commonly kept in home aquariums such as goldfish. To take part in the fishing activity, residents are asked to sign up at the registration marquee near the Stage area at the parklands where they will be directed to one of the designated fishing sites around the lake.

Title: Re: Forrest lake pest fish day - CANCELLED
Post by: Editor on November 29, 2014, 01:31:52 AM
This event has been cancelled due to damage for extreme weather event.