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Title: Recreation improvements at Lake Macdonald
Post by: Editor on January 01, 2015, 05:26:14 PM
Recreation improvements at Lake Macdonald
Posted 30 December 2014    - Seqwater

Seqwater has improved wash down facilities at Lake Macdonald to enable visitors to clean their electric powered boats and paddle craft.

A new facility has been installed at Lake Macdonald Park, while the existing wash down facility at Mary River Cod Park has been upgraded.

Seqwater Chief Executive Officer Peter Dennis said weed management was crucial to the health of South East Queensland’s waterways.

“Weeds are able to reproduce from even the smallest of fragments or seeds,” Mr Dennis said.

“It is vital that visitors remove all visible mud and plants from their boats, trailers and equipment before entering and leaving our lakes.

“Our wash down facilities ensure visitors can complete this task with minimal fuss.”

Mr Dennis said visitors were also required to eliminate water from all equipment before transporting it anywhere, as the water may contain plant fragments or seeds.

“It is also advised to clean and dry anything else which comes into contact with the water,” he said.

“Lake Macdonald is infested with Cabomba weed, so weed management at the lake is essential.   

“Cabomba  weed is a fully submerged aquatic plant which competes with native freshwater plants and can impede aquatic recreational activities.”

Mr Dennis said the new and upgraded facilities were a result of Seqwater’s Recreation Review, the most significant review ever undertaken of recreation at and around South East Queensland lakes.
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