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Title: WS Aspire 105 - From "Dusk" to "Midnight"
Post by: StevenM on April 16, 2015, 04:23:15 PM
Took the opportunity last week to update my Aspire 105.

My original was the first Dusk that came into the country. When I first saw the colour on the U.S. website I knew I had to have it. Went down to Adventure Outlet and told Craig what I wanted. He contacted the distributor and was advised that they don't bring that colour int Australia.

Only way we could get it in was for Craig to do a special order of 3 units. One other was sold to Jeprox and the other was going to be a speculator and hopefully it sells. Well the 3 months came and went and the Dusk units were in the country.

The distributor opened one up for a looksie and I was advised they went "wow". So they then added them to their colour line and from what I have been told it has been their most ordered colour.

But that just made them common to me and the shine had worn off for me. With the Aussie dollar heading south I went for another drive down to see Craig at Adventure Outlet and saw the "Midnight" colour and it was the last 105 he had at the old price. A deal was struck and onto the roof and home it came. My old 105 took about 10 minutes to sell so it made things a whole lot easier with the minister for finance.

Anyway enough waffle. He it is in all her glory.




It is basically the same install as my previous with just a few tweaks

Rear Flush mount holders. Just added a pad eye to the front two bolt holes


Other view. This side just shows the drain bung position. It is in front of the bulkhead.


Cockpit view showing the 3 series Lowrance and the non slip pads


Side view. Can see the RAM mount under and the anchor jam cleat


Front view of stainless eye pad eye for anchor rope. It is that simple.


Tranny is just a wet mount style


Up the front is a vertical flush mount. This is used when paddling between destinations or placing rod for dealing with your catch.


There is a few other bits and bobs that you may be able to see. But that is basically it. Time to head out and drag it and slime it.
Title: Re: WS Aspire 105 - From "Dusk" to "Midnight"
Post by: aussiebasser on April 16, 2015, 05:37:57 PM
Nice, but it needs a few scratches on it.
Title: Re: WS Aspire 105 - From "Dusk" to "Midnight"
Post by: Novice on April 16, 2015, 07:40:57 PM
Wilderness make some great looking yaks.  :thumbsup

We'll blood that virgin next weekend mate.  :)

Title: Re: WS Aspire 105 - From "Dusk" to "Midnight"
Post by: Nativeman on April 16, 2015, 08:13:17 PM
Wow,,,, nice