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Title: Tasmanian Hueys
Post by: hueys on August 26, 2015, 03:15:04 PM
Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know via this great site , that we are still producing Hueys  down here in Tassie. Been around for 28 years and still going strong. We have now involved plastic lures in our range as well as the ever popular bardi grubs(of which we were the original designer, now copied by so many). My son is now assisting and I hope to get the grandson(when he's old enough) involved as well.My girls don't want to know about it! :'(
Anyway, you can still get what you want, we do manufacture in Huon pine still, so happy to help out with any inquiries.
Make sure you also check out our new scented Bardie grubs.......(soft plastic)



I am more than happy to authenticate any lures that are possibly Hueys in your collection,  in writing.