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Title: COPETON WATERS - Fishing report 3/11/15
Post by: Copeton Waters State Park on November 05, 2015, 08:15:57 PM
COPETON WATERS - Fishing report 3/11/15

Copeton has had some good rain in the last week with one fall of 30mm, and more storms forecast for the next few days. Dam level is sitting at 21.6% and is stable at the moment.

The last week or two has been typical spring fishing at Copeton with a mix of both Cod & Yellowbelly being caught.

Yellowbelly have continued to be caught both in the trees and out on the flats with fish being caught on all the usual methods. As the water warms the bait fisherman are finding craybobs & shrimp are doing the damage while lure fisherman are still finding one of the best all-round lures are the Mazy Vibs in natural colours. Small to medium deep divers are also accounting for fish in structure and on the edges, something with some purple and/or pink has been popular.


Some very nice Cod have been caught either as by-catch while fishing for Yellowbelly or by fisherman specifically targeting them. Best report was a fish of 125cm last week. Again Hardbodies and Spinnerbaits have been doing the damage. David Green was here for a few days last week and got 11 Cod with 2 over 1metre and I think the Mudeye Thingy had something to do with it. Casting or trolling will work at this time, just remember that you want your lure on or near the bottom, this may mean picking a depth and a lure to suit then trolling that contour line, 20 feet is a good starting point. If casting working points with good structure and reasonable depth is the go. Work casts to the obvious structure both into the bank, parallel and away from the bank. Fishing various depths with a spinnerbait fitted with big Colorado blades is one of the best ways to connect with a big Cod at this time of year. Good luck.