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Title: Central Queensland fishing.
Post by: riverhunter on February 20, 2018, 11:59:59 AM
We just got back from camping trip. Touring around central coast Rockhampton.
Found some magic places. And nearly got eaten by a 4 metre crocodile. Caught a nice little jack ar river ranch before a crocodile come up 20 metres to left side behind me chucked my scissors and phone in bag wound in barra lure quick and bailed was out in middle of river standing on a rock past waist deep water. Made it back to land all scratched up from falling on rocks falling over in panic . Caught up with two blokes from Rockhampton down near highway bridge and siad I should not be fishing alone or go out in water at back. They siad was extremely lucky didnít get taken a 4 and 5metre croc just few nights before spotlighting. After that we continue onto explore Awoonga awesome views got dusted by a mosnter jack on daiwa 2-5kg rod with 15 lb leader tsunami 3 inch plastic.All good fun . Thinking to take kayak to back of lake next time.
Cheers Joseph
Title: Re: Central Queensland fishing.
Post by: cee bee on February 24, 2018, 06:30:58 AM
Hi, Riverhunter. Looks like you had a great holiday. You had a fortunate escape there from that croc and just remember that only recently a 5 metre one was shot in the fitzroy river near rockhampton and i believe the fellow responsible was recently caught and fined for the act. There have been sightings of the things as far south as sandy straits although i think they would be few and far between this far south. I remember many years ago there were so many in the mary river that the locals wanted an organised cull to take place. Whether that happened i don't know but anywhere north of about gladstone crocs can be found with some reliability. Any how it looks like you had a good time and i will have to get up that way myself soon but i will not be putting my canoe into many of the rivers up there!