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Author Topic: Lake Jindabyne Trout Fishing Report February 2011  (Read 2291 times)

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Lake Jindabyne Trout Fishing Report February 2011
« on: February 15, 2011, 10:51:56 PM »
Lake Jindabyne Trout Fishing Report.
For 14th February 2011
By Steve Williamson. –
Lake Jindabyne Trout Fishing Adventures.
0408 024436                      Shop -02 64561551

Much cooler week last week with temperature in the lower 20’s C and the last couple of days has been cooler and overcast which has been better for fishing.
At the moment it’s still been the lack of people fishing that has been the problem, not many people on the water, because the trout fishing has been on average very good.
The boat based fishing has been spectacular, just ask Trevor Kanaley and Greg Woon who each ‘bagged out’ in well under 3 hours or Luigi and Denise Merletto with their 12 fish (some released) including Luigi’s 6lb brown and that also was in under 3 hours of fishing.
Yesterday Chris Myatt recorded 17 fish for his morning session trolling, of course most fish were also released.
Everyone that knows their boat fishing have been doing exceptionally well, especially using downriggers.
Adam Begg who works at Steve Williamson’s Tackle Shop, proved last week that you don’t need a downrigger, as Adam bagged out every morning before work just on 4 colours of lead core line and a 20 gram Tasmanian Devil.
So what’s wrong Anglers? It’s time to get down to the mountains for some fabulous boat trolling before it’s too late!
OK, so you’re a bait angler, shore based only, well your time is coming but at the moment it can be a bit of a struggle if you don’t know the layout of the lake, so my advice is you call into my shop for the best up to date daily tips.
If your having trouble getting a trout to bite you can always try your luck at yabbying, we are catching some big ones at the moment and they make for a perfect entrée!
Spin anglers will have a better time on the Thredbo River at the moment as the lake is hard work.
Fly anglers will find that the streams are best now the water levels have dropped.
All in all we should be in for some great fishing at the moment, so get down before you miss out!

The lake water temperature has been stable at about 22 degrees C.
The lake level is about 80% after coming up by almost a metre after the heavy rain early last week.
I would expect the lake to drop a little this week.
Let’s have a look at what the fishing is going to be like over the next few weeks.

As reported, the best fishing has still been deep off lead lines and downriggers and most anglers have been ‘bagging out’ quite quickly!
After today’s cooler change (again) you should able to get trout off lead core lines at about 4 colours or 40 metres out, and you are best to use a deeper diving lure or a 20 gram duel depth Tasmanian Devil. The best fishing though this past week has been again off downriggers as deep as 40 feet.
The best colours possibly yellowing lures, with the number 50 Frog pattern, the SW Lime Green Yellowwings and Y Freddo very popular for the brighter days. Y48 and Holographic (mostly brown lures) Tasmanian Devils in the Duel Depth best in the very early morning or later evening. Down deep off downriggers my SW Black one side and Orange the other is going well and so is the Y Freddo.
Rapalas, (Rainbow Trout or Perch) trolled off lead lines is the best lure for catching the brown trout or bigger Atlantic Salmon.
Other lures worth a try are the Thunderbolts in brown colours for early morning and green and golds for later morning. Rebel Crickhoppers are now also starting to catch some fish and the Gillies spinners behind attractors like ford fenders are also great. Try the Mepps Streamers behind attractors also for the big browns.
East Jindabyne islands, (not many left and be careful when trolling this area) Hayshed Bay, Lion and Cub Islands and the South arm have been fishing very well.
Lake Bait Fishing  (Primarily most rivers and streams in the Snowy Mountains Region are fly and lure only, We recommend that you first check with the Department of Primary Industries (NSW Fishing rules) as to which rivers in the area you can legally bait fish in. IF IN DOUBT DON’T BAITFISH IN RIVERS!)
As reported, the fishing has not been the best, however the best chance over the last week has been using powerbait, worms or bardi grubs off the bottom.
The big secret at the moment is to fish with bail arm open and make sure you grease the line to make sure you keep it out of the slime on the bottom of the lake. (Try silicone Muslin on your line so as not to damage it)
Best areas for bait fishing at the moment have been, Rushes Bay, Curiosity Rocks, Waste Point, The Snowy Arm and East Jindabyne pumping station.

Lake Spinning
It’s been hard work spinning the lake again last week but we have been getting some smaller Salmon from the bays in the deeper water. (like Curiosity Bay)
Tasmanian Devils are catching a couple of fish in the deeper water by casting and waiting for the lure to sink a little before a slow retrieve. Cast as far out as you can but best results will be when the water is choppy with a little wind. Yellow wing Tassies are again doing best on the sunny days.
Anglers are still having good success using blades that resemble the goldfish we have in the lake.
Some of the better blades are TT Switchblade ‘Golden Boy’, Strike Pro Cyber Vibe 35 BLG and Cyber Vibe 50JU009. (note the goldfish usually bread at this time of year and the trout love to eat the little ones)

River Spinning
The Thredbo River gave the best chance of catching a fish as the water levels dropped after last weekends heavy rain that fell in the mountains. With cooler weather this week, the stream fishing will be better this week now levels have dropped.
Try Celtas and Gillies Spinners or Mepps lures and use them in the running water and if no action try sinking Rapalas or lures that get a bit deeper.
Soft plastics have also been worth a try and we are having some luck in the evenings using ‘poppers’ and we have so great little poppers in stock that are working a treat but stock is limited so you will have to call in to see the best lures. Same goes for the soft plastics, limited sock of the goodies so call in and we will show you what’s working.

Fly Fishing Lake
Same as last week the fishing has been hard on the lake with not a lot of fish rising at all and surface fishing has not been good however heavier flies which are allowed to sink have been the best chance and fish the very early mornings before it gets to hot and bright.
Most fish this past week have been caught using green and black Woolley Buggers (Bead head) and Williamson’s Goldfish (maybe with added weight or sinking leader). Mrs Simpson and olive nymphs are also worth a try and again let them sink into deeper water as the shallow bays the water is warmer.

Fly Fishing Rivers
Spent a lot of time on the rivers and streams last week and earlier in the week I had to go higher in the mountains to fish in the alpine streams as lower down the water was fast and dirty but that changed as the week progressed and now the water is much clearer and the fishing has improved. Better if you use a dry with a nymph dropper as there are not a lot of fish rising however they are there.
Plenty of hoppers are about now and a few beetles.
For the dry try a bigger caddis pattern or a stimulator and for the dropper a green or brown nymph will catch a fish for you.

For visitors to the Snowy’s we have a full range of fishing tackle for hire at my shop and fishing tours are now available.
Photos of the latest lake levels can be viewed at

For more information on the latest fishing conditions, please call into –
             Shop 1 Snowline Centre, Kosciuszko Road Jindabyne 2627
Fishing Charters – Bait  and Tackle Supplies- Marine Supplies
P.M.B. 5 Jindabyne NSW 2627             E-mail
Shop – (02) 64 561551  Fax – (02) 64 572991


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