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Author Topic: Silvers  (Read 914 times)

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« on: September 05, 2011, 05:04:32 PM »
Well after only 3 outings in seven months due to other commitments I finally got out of the shop and onto some water. The plan was to fish mingo crossing but when I got up it was a bit windy and we were bank fishing so thought I'd try stockyard creek. The story goes it's full of Bass, Spanglies and even escapee Barra. The day started at the shop where we grabbed some blades, bassman spinnerbaits and an assortment of lures to do the trick.
We also took some bait and a couple of adapta bubbles just in case.
We rocked up to the water which is only a 200 yrd long stretch and had a few casts. Nothing doing very quiet. The young fella (who's 30 btw) went back to the car to grab the drinks. When he left I saw a Silver perch turn on the surface, at a guess anyway that or a spangly. Ah so there is life. None of the lures we had were doing any good so we turned to bait.
I threw a couple of handfulls of Mullie pellets into the water. Maybe not your norm pillie pellets, but thinking these might be escapees we figured they might be used to pellets. We soon had a school sitting in front of us. The float bobbed and ducked but just wouldn't go down. The adjusta bubble was brought in and more water added. I'm thinking the air was causing the float too be to bouyant for the fish to pull down. Another adjustment and the float sank. Strike missed. bugger. Another go missed. After a few misses we let the fish take the float a good metre or two down before leaning back. Bingo, we were on. The fish came thick and fast for a while. As the suns rays shone on the water they went off the bite?
I started searching the water and found them tight under a overhanging bush. We used chook gut for the most part as they tended to give up on the packet prawns quite quickly. Anyway we ended the day with 15 all up. They ranged in size from around the 20cm mark up to about 38cm. We released all the fish and I am hoping to get back there next weekend. No pics we didn't take the camera or phone being so close to home. But next week I'll take it along. Hopefully there will be some  bass around too?

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