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Author Topic: Quick Paddle Maroochy Jan4.  (Read 1930 times)

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Quick Paddle Maroochy Jan4.
« on: January 05, 2013, 10:04:58 AM »
Woke at 5am with the wind shaking the trees and a drizzling rain , but decided to go for a fish anyway.

ON the water at 6 , low tide , and quickly paddled downriver.

Stopped at a bunch of sticks poking out of the river [ 'barra snaggish'....] , and on the first cast l hooked a good fish that quickly knitted my line through the spindly twigs.l parked the yak on the opposite bank and stripped down [not a pretty sight for or dead... ] , and swam along the line and dove for my lure. Swam back to the yak again with lure in hand and standin in knee deep water , I lofted an optimistic cast to an undercut bank bearded with damp whispy roots. The lure plonked 18" out from the bank so I quickly rolled it back for another cast but felt the jolt of a little bass. It was good to see it swimming around me and reminded me of fishing the Colo river in NSW 30years ago. Aquarium fishing. Swam the fish up onto the muddy bank and took a quick photo , removed the hook , let it slide back into the water and snake away into the murk.

Paddling downriver I saw the odd mangrove along the bank. Brackish area? l sipped the water , still fresh. The birdlife was wonderful. Azure kingfishers streaking from branch to branch , bobbing their little heads , a sandpiper sweeping past just above the water , an Osprey calmly and casually viewing the whole scenario. In a melaleuca right behind me , a Leatherhead cackled sharply as it jumped from branch to branch.

Little schools of small mullet and juvenile bream grazed in the shallows and darted away as l paddled past.

In a little corner of the river , a solitary branch poked out from the warm green water and l guessed a tree lay beneath.
I fluked a cast right at the junction of the bank and imaginary base of the tree [my casting with spin gear is still notoriously bad...] , and a fish slurped at the lure right on landing but missed the hook. Began my retrieve and a metre out it had another go and hooked! The fish nuzzled the lure along the trunk 'bump bump bump' but soon came in. Took a quick pic then watched it slide from my hand then shoot off into the dark water.

I manouvered back to the same tree and cast again , several times , over the imaginary 'log' under the water. A little bass of 25cm chased the lure out from the branch tip and ate the tail. Landed and freed of the hook , it swam right back home.

Went a little further downstream for a look , but time was running out as had to be back home by 7:45 ish. l stopped again at the 'twiggy barra snag' and two casts later hooked another foot long bass. Quickly to hand and back in the water , l looked upriver and saw a barely submerged branch that l must have paddled over earlier. Cast up the river , bang in the middle , and hooked another fish which swam directly toward the near bank with the twiggy snag but all held fast and the fish was brought in and dehooked in the water , and swam back to its place in the river.

Five little bass 25-32cm on three lures [all 'shallows' ]and l had to skidaddle out of there and hit the road.

Good start to any day :)


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