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Author Topic: Lake Jindabyne Trout Fishing Report. August 2013  (Read 1672 times)

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Lake Jindabyne Trout Fishing Report. August 2013
« on: August 05, 2013, 09:17:25 AM »
Lake Jindabyne Trout Fishing Report.

AUGUST 2013 Fishing Report!

By Steve Williamson. –
Lake Jindabyne Trout Fishing Adventures.
0408 024436                      Shop -02 64561551

NEWS – Please remember all rivers and streams in the Snowy Mountains are closed to fishing!
Well last month of winter and it feels like winter is just starting after what has been a pretty mild winter up till now with above average temperatures which has messed with the trout’s heads a bit once again and last month the fishing was a little patchy at times. Over the last week we have seen a vast difference and the shore based angling has picked up considerably for bait anglers and the spin anglers have been having the odd good day as well, however while this has been good there has been some quitter fishing for the boat trollers that have just had to put in the hours to succeed and the fly anglers (the very few that have been out there trying) have had a very quite time. August is usually ‘polaroiding’ time for the fly anglers but my feeling is they may have to wait until the end of the month before the fishing actually picks up for them. The windy days have been the best for the spin anglers with some good browns and rainbows caught but on the sunny still days the fishing has been best early and late in the day. As I write the snow is falling in the mountains and it looks like the season might be saved, as there are a few days of wind and snow to come yet and more maybe in a frontal system that is approaching next weekend. Overall it’s only a few weeks to go before spring and it will not be long before we are once again fishing the streams and rivers that are looking good at the moment.

The lake level is at about 78% and is dropping very slightly. The water surface temperature today was 6 degrees.
Best methods to catch a trout.
Best method – Bait fishing from the shore of Lake Jindabyne.
Best Bait – Worms teamed up with artificial bait.
Best lake lure –Tasmanian Devil “Eliminator” and Rapala perch or brook trout.
Best lake area – Waste Point, Curiosity Rocks, Poo Bay (The Haven) and the Claypits.
Best fly method lake – Black Woolly Bugger and Jindy Bugger.
Best River Fly Fishing– Rivers Closed until October long weekend.
Best River Lures – Rivers Closed until October long weekend.

Let’s have a look at what the fishing is going to be like over the next few weeks.
Lake Bait Fishing 
Shore based bait fishing continues to be good on most days and the best baits are  scrubworms teamed up with artificial bait as an attractant is the best way in the brighter parts of the day.
For big brown you can’t go past the local scrub worms when fished totally unweighted with the bail arm left open so the trout can run with the bait for a while.
Best areas for bait fishing at the moment have been, Waste Point area, The Claypits, Hatchery Bay, Curiosity Rocks and the East Jindabyne Islands if you have a boat to get out to them. Fish from the bank of the islands and spread lines out.
Lake Spinning
Lure spinning on the lake has still been OK and there are trout about and the best fishing is in the shallows early and deep water later in the middle of the day. The Tasmanian Devil 111, Y82 and Holographic and pink or pink and purple Eliminator have all been good.
Minnow lures like floating Rapalas in pink or orange, Stumpjumpers and other minnow style lure in either natural rainbow trout and brown trout patterns or gold colours to represent the Jindabyne goldfish that the trout love to chase and eat. Don’t stay in one place too long and only put in a couple of casts in each area.
Shallow areas try Gillies Feathertails and Tailwalkers which are new products worth a look.
Call into my shop and I will show you some of the better soft plastics that we are having great success on over the last week.

It’s the last month of winter  now and you just have to spend time on the water to catch trout.
As stated there is no one colour lure better than the other at the moment but my bet is still with pinks and orange colours. Holographic and occasionally white Tassies are also worth a try. Best to start the day and surface troll in the shallows early using lead core lines at 2 colours with minnow lures like Rapalas with some orange on them, even the plain bright orange (Orange Tiger) or ‘Pinko’ are aggression colours that work on trout during spawning months. Tasmanian Devils in  pink or pink and purple Eliminator, Holographic, and the Steve Williamson black/ cold special Tassie Devil. Downrigging is worthwhile if you follow the bottom in no more than 30 feet of water and maybe orange lures for aggressive brown trout may be the best overall lure to try. It may be worth noting that one very well-known angler and very good experienced Jindabyne fisher, downrigged for 3 days last week for just over 30 fish mostly browns to 7lb (most 4 to 5 lb). The boat found that the Orange Tiger Rapala was responsible for over 20 of the trout caught and all were downrigged about a metre  or 2 off the bottom. Some times an hour or so between trout but this lure was by far the best.
Fly Fishing Lake
Lake fishing the small bays and inlets should get some results very early and late in the day if you’re careful not to spook the trout. Woolley Buggers, Craig’s Night time and Williamson’s Goldfish have been the flies well worth using at dawn and dusk. The shallow bays on the lake are worth a try early before the sun rises but after that you had better be fishing deep.

River Fishing (RIVERS CLOSED until the October long weekend)

Yes we have a full range of fishing rods and reels for hire so you don’t have to worry about carting all you’re fishing gear down to the snow with you.
Spin and bait rods - $15 A Day ($20 for 24 hours)
Fly rods - $25 (includes flies) ($30 for 24 hours)
Lure and bait boxes $5
We also have all other tackle for hire including nets, waders, fly vests etc.

For visitors to the Snowy’s we have a full range of fishing tackle for hire at my shop and fishing tours are now available.
Have you any photos that you can e-mail me?
I can use the information to add into my own reports and your photo might not only end up in my report but might also go into a draw for the best fish of the month which will win you a $50 Tassie Devil Tackle Pack.

For more information on the latest fishing conditions, please call into –
             Shop 1 Snowline Centre, Kosciuszko Road Jindabyne 2627
Fishing Charters – Bait and Tackle Supplies- Marine Supplies

P.M.B. 5 Jindabyne NSW 2627             E-mail  Shop – (02) 64 561551 


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