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Which watercraft do you prefer ?

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It would be interesting to see what people would rather for example being high and dry and sorounded by rawing engines and electrics.
Or to be quite and sneak though the back waters for more exitment and peacefulness


I like both, but my boat doesn't roar, its electric only, except for the rare occasion I slap a 4hp on it.

Horses for courses.  Try fishing the Alligator River in NT out of a yak.

With the tidal flow there I wouldn't be using my electric powered boat either!

What it probably boils down to for me is when I'm taking a mate, I like the boat, when I'm on my own, I prefer the yak.

Is this the tip of the ice berg? The beginning of polarisation between those who like to fish out of a boat and those who only like a kayak? I like my boat but I'd like to use a kayak, but a back problem says no. Like others said, it's all about using the right tool for the job. Don't forget we now have people who like the idea of fishing from a jetski, and those who like to go way offshore in their kayaks. When does it stop being fishing and become a stunt?


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