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Fishing Reports / Re: Mary River Bassing
« Last post by Member on September 29, 2020, 02:19:05 PM »
Please note that as of 2019 the following waters are totally closed to all fishing from 1 August to 1 November each year.
Waters closed to line fishing

A person must not possess or use a fishing line in the following area:

Obi Obi Creek: No fish can be taken from Obi Obi Creek all year round between the Baroon Pocket Dam wall and the shortest line across the creek at the downstream side of Obi Obi Creek crossing 4 (Manuel Hornibrook Bridge).

A person must not possess or use a fishing line from 1 August to 31 October in the following locations:

Albert River (upstream from the junction of Canungra Creek and Albert River includes Canungra Creek)

Christmas Creek

Coomera River (upstream from the junction of Guanaba Creek and Coomera River includes Guanaba Creek)

Mary River and adjoining waterways (upstream of its junction with Six Mile Creek at the creeks northern bank, other than waters up to the full supply level of Baroon Pocket Dam, Borumba Dam and Lake MacDonald.

Running Creek

Stanley River (above Neurum Creek and Stanley River junction)

This is to protect breeding cod.
Fish Restocking / Acclimatisation and Environment / Re: SWFSA Inc. milestone
« Last post by Member on September 29, 2020, 01:48:00 PM »
If you had asked to me estimate what I thought you had put in over the years I would have thought you blokes would have dropped more than that in

Your the big end of town. You throw fingerlings around by the 100's of thousands while us lesser souls dabble in thousands........

Certainly a good long history of stocking.

Somerset has significantly higher fishing pressure than any other lakes in Qld. Wivenhoe isnt far behind Somerset in fishing pressure.
Fishing Reports / Re: Mary River Bassing
« Last post by Member on August 18, 2020, 04:49:53 AM »
Hows going mate is that camp grounds or private property where you camp looking for some where new that allows camping and fishing that i can bring dog.
Cheers Joseph
Weather and Water Updates / Brogo Dam alert
« Last post by Member on July 26, 2020, 05:53:38 PM »
This is a Brogo Dam flood notification.
Flows of 1000 Mega Litres per day are being passed.

NSW SES will manage flood procedures.
General Discussion / Re: Saratoga ?
« Last post by Member on July 25, 2020, 08:35:23 PM »
I was lucky enough to watch a large gathering of saratoga up the Connors River onece. Watched as a couple paired up and did this graceful syncronised swim together. Amazing  :youbeauty
Fishing Videos / Re: Borumba Dam Targeting Saratoga
« Last post by Member on July 25, 2020, 08:31:01 PM »
Great video. Saratoga are my favourite fish. Thanks for sharing
Fishing Reports / Wet Wivenhoe report
« Last post by Member on July 25, 2020, 08:07:31 PM »
A week ago Lake Wivenhoe was hosting ABT BASS tournament, with a stack of bass boats across the lake in what was a tough weekend fishing by Wivenhoe terms, although perfect weather.
This weekend the weather turned sour with a cold drizzle falling most of the day.
Found a few fish on the break lines on the flats but couldnt get a bite. Tried plastics, blades, spoons and ice jigs for nothing.

Decided to go further afield and thought Id try an area that had held fish last year. As I ran the sounder over this spot it lit up with fish.
Again I ran through an assortment of lures. Noticing several fish arching up to 12 feet I thought Id try rolling a lure through the thermals. Rummaging through my gear I found what I was after a flats roller. These are a single bladed spinner bait I designed some years ago.

After a few casts I got a tap tap which was the first interest Id had so far. Persevering with some pauses I finally got a taker. This one went 43cm. Not huge by Wivenhoe standards but I was glad to get it.
This seemed to turn on the many fish in the area. Over the next 2 Hours a dozen or so more bass were landed, tho none were larger than the first one at this spot.

A few pics below - Must be logged in to see pics
General Discussion / Clear ya noggin
« Last post by Member on May 22, 2020, 02:51:08 PM »
Hi guys, I've just joined the group and also started a Facebook group called Clear Ya Noggin... it a non profit page where guys can chat and talk about any issues like mental health, PTSD, Male suicide or if ya just struggling with anything at all. Anyone can join and it's just started so there will be some hurdles but Im sure it will go alright. I will be printing off some shirts to give away and i will do my best to gain other goodies to give away to help guys go fishing/camping and just be able to talk and not be judged.
Thanks guys.
General Discussion / Ewan Maddock Dam: Tips/Techniques
« Last post by Member on February 29, 2020, 04:19:37 PM »
Hi All.

Will be visiting EM in a few weeks and was after some local tips for the bass there.

General Discussion / Re: Any fishing reports from Bywondah Retreat
« Last post by Member on November 14, 2019, 05:23:48 PM »
Hi Dave,
How did you go and what are your thoughts on the place?


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