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Mini Spinnerbaits

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Having a look at the 2nd fly now I reckon half the problem is the way the ball bearing swivel is fixed. The way the water would flow over it would mean the swivel is side on to the current meaning the swivel would be pushed against the side of its casing causing friction not allowing free movement. If the swivel pointed directly backwards with the current passing along its length this would stop the friction mentioned and especially if it was swinging off a split ring allow for directional changes such as stripping. A short arm and a split ring I think in this under shank arrangement should be the go. Pat. PS just for a laugh here's a large one built for Cod on a #4/0 - probably need the #10 weight to haul this mother !

Interesting info there.  I am running into the same problem with the SB not travelling upright.  Wants to lay on its side.

I will tell you the materials and the process I am using then try to load some photos of the tests so far.

I am using SS welding wire and it looks like .9 dia.  Hollow plastic tube instead of binding them off.

Split shot for the head, squeesed in the vice then hammered to give a flat to apply the eye.

Note; The return in the wire that holds the hook is encased in the tube and also is incorporated in the splitshot. Stops the eye moving.

On this section of tube I do my binding of feathers. fur, glitter or whatever.  Split shot is coated in nail polish with the eye applied before the last coat has dried.

With the blades I am trying to reduce the weight.  Tried 1mm aluminium then plastic and now tinplate from jam tins, hammered to give a concave shape.

When the water cleans up I might be able to see the performance a little better.  The red tube could be a weak point if a Cod hits it, but it is all fun hey.


tied up a few spinster flies for the first wivenhoe convention a few years ago - all I got were catties
tied using 60deg jig hooks and small spinnerblades and a bit of lead wire to give it a bit of weight

Spent a couple of hours on a very productive little stream yesterday with these small spinnerbaits and didn't get a touch. 
Two factors that I can put it down to are the lack of action from these small blades. (Compared to a large spinnerbait).   And with a baitcaster or spinning reel I can place the spinnerbait right on the snag. 
Back to the drawing board I guess.


In my opinion you must try Colorado blade,it is designed for the maximum vibration . Using heavy vibration fishes can be detected from the long distances.


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