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Dumaresq River near Texas 12.8.17


Here’s a bit of a report and some pictures from last Saturday on the Dumaresq river near Texas.
Drove the 300kms down to Texas on Friday night. In the morning it was evident the river was very low and barely flowing.

Fishing was slow and it was quite a while before the first cod came out to play.

But we pressed on. Conditions were nice though a little cool. It was past mid morning before the sun came out.

I chucked everything at them, spinnerbaits, wooden hard bodies, soft plastics and surface lures but it seemed they only wanted Oargies.

But those three fish were spread over the afternoon, so the going was tough.
Late in the afternoon they did start to hit surface gear. Only my fishing buddy had success though in a hookup.

Six fish landed in total from the two of us. Very quiet compared to the last trip. I must say after a long day in the yak, its great having a van just to chuck all your cr@p into.

Thanks for reading.

Chep Buxley:
Stunning photos! Great fish - thanks for sharing

Great report mate. Water looks ok, if not alot of it. Better than watching netflix mate  :youbeauty


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