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Some where in the jungle

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Good Evening
Today I went for a bit of an explore looking for snake head . Walked about 5km to spot I seen on google maps . No fish but was fun to give it a go anyway . Now I've got an idea were there is some fresh water streams . Next time will try a bit further out of town seen a big water hole on map.
Cheers joseph

What country you fishing in?

G'day Jim 
Fishing in Thailand . Got 2 small barra . A tarpon/herring and tilapia all in man made fresh water dams , the herring and tilapia were caught at a small village were they have water hole in middle of all the house s . Never knew how fun the herring are to fish for had them hitting poppers small soft plastic bait s . Had one snap 12 p leader as it jumped didn't have drag set right . Some about 30cm to 50 cm where I was fishing .now I'm on hunt for snake heads in natural environment s like fresh water streams and rivers .
Cheers Joseph

 baby Giant Herring Joey

That frog will work around Fernvale in the evenings mate.


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