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Wet Wivenhoe report


A week ago Lake Wivenhoe was hosting ABT BASS tournament, with a stack of bass boats across the lake in what was a tough weekend fishing by Wivenhoe terms, although perfect weather.
This weekend the weather turned sour with a cold drizzle falling most of the day.
Found a few fish on the break lines on the flats but couldnt get a bite. Tried plastics, blades, spoons and ice jigs for nothing.

Decided to go further afield and thought Id try an area that had held fish last year. As I ran the sounder over this spot it lit up with fish.
Again I ran through an assortment of lures. Noticing several fish arching up to 12 feet I thought Id try rolling a lure through the thermals. Rummaging through my gear I found what I was after a flats roller. These are a single bladed spinner bait I designed some years ago.

After a few casts I got a tap tap which was the first interest Id had so far. Persevering with some pauses I finally got a taker. This one went 43cm. Not huge by Wivenhoe standards but I was glad to get it.
This seemed to turn on the many fish in the area. Over the next 2 Hours a dozen or so more bass were landed, tho none were larger than the first one at this spot.

A few pics below - Must be logged in to see pics


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