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Best Rifle

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Always reckoned 243 the best all round rifle. 22's are not worth taking off the gun rack. Bigger just costs more to feed.
In Qld 243 used to be the minimum for deer, no idea on current rules.

2506  might be what your after ?

Hi guys,

Thanks very much for your input and advice on rifle selection. I must admit I'm a bit overwhelmed.

I agree a large calibre rifle is not ideal for rabbits. I guess I'll have to purchase two rifles, each having their own specific target. I.e. heavy for deer and pigs and a lighter one for rabbits.

I use to be a member of a rifle range club but left my membership to lapse a long time ago.

Am I correct that one needs a letter or similar from an organisation these days to authenticate the reason for purchasing or holding a rifle.

Cheers, Bondy

I have a CZ 527 american in .222, Its short, lightweight and shoots extremely well

My .22 hornet is a bruno fox mod 2 and shoots like a laser perfect for anything up to wild dogs within 200 yards ( Good shot placement tho )

I have others but dont get used very much i sold a new tikka T3 hunter not long ago after a misfire blew brass back into my eye ( not the rifles fault missed a primer recall )

The two rifles i long for are a sako vixen in .222 and my fathers Tikka M55 in .243 ( back when things where made under an iron fist )

I dare you find a better bushy rifle than those last 2

Fallow and chital deer would use a minimum .243


Bushwaker (Steve),

Thanks mate, sounds like you have a nice collection, bummer about the backfire, could have been nasty and lose an eye hey!

I hope the one I eventually purchase wont do the same, i.e. backfire.



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