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Rusa Stag

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Helping a mate on a job yesterday , mate calls me over to see this Rusa stag in velvet 30 mts away

Took couple of pics with iphone , majestic animal , was nice to see him

Took my kids for bush walk while ago , heres one of them with a rub just outside the Gold Coast

Also a herd of Chital right in the heart of Red Deer country
nice stag in velvet there

 :Hunting) nice animals im a bowhunter and nothing beats a nice venison roast.. :youbeauty

New England , Fallow deer area isnt it , prob Reds and Chital as well these days , taliking on line to one fella said he gets wild Elk south of you

Have you been knocking over the deer with your bow ?


yeh childers fallow deer area...few reds around...chital west of here....only just this year i gained a place to hunt with small numbers and took  a deer with my hard to get places and i live in prime spot..havnt heard of the elk but that would be awesome...prob knock few more over if i could get propertys or people to hunt with or on..cheers brett... :Hunting) just being in the bush


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