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Back in the game

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I've decided that after an absence of too many years to get back into hunting and shooting. I wanted to buy a Winchester Mod 70 for nostalgia sake but it looks like it will be a Howa in 308 with a Hogue stock. Don't start on me Steve, I know your preferences. I'm putting a Burris 3-9 on it. After that I'm thinking 223 with a heavy barrel. I like the 243 but some of that New England country has scrub a dog couldn't bark in.

I hear they make ok workhorses JD dont stress.. Be good to hear of some of your adventures

Just sold all my rifles for next to nothing (including a 308). What a shame.

Gotta love the 223 as a versatile cartridge JD 40 grn XP ammo for rabbits and 63 grn that will do pigs and even bigger game (if you place the bullet correctly) - don't call me a survivalist ratbag but I've always considered it a bit prudent to have something chambered in the dominant military calibre of the day as well  ;) - 308 achieves that as well !

Here a pic of a dog that fell fowl of my 223 on a recent trip north for ya Steve - know your one for drilling them! I don't normally worry about rolling proper dingos out bush but this was on a friends grazing property where I thought he'd appreciate the gesture

.223/5.56 is a brilliant little round for most Australian game.  I had one of the early Mini 14's and it accounted for hundreds of 'roos, (on permit of course) and plenty of wild dogs and cats. 


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