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Name that lure

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A close up of the mouth looks like a Trout Cod, but the colouring is Murray cod and the background looks like the back of Cressbrook.  My father and his mates swore ther were three differnt Cod breeds in the Ovens/Murray area.  The one they called a Blue Nose may well have been a Hybrid Trout Cod/Murray Cod.

Brad H:
close guys.... Magnum Hot n Tot FWIR 3/4oz  3 1/2" or 4'long. They only make the 2" and 2 1/2" now.

As Gary said one of the Classics from days of olde

Nice fish, and I'd have to agree, he's a hybrid, Trout/Murray cod cross, we catch a few here in the Murray on the odd occasion, the older gentlemen (back then) would call them Tiger cod.
Good lures too.


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