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Name that lure

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Not sure of the lure, or if that's a Mary. Is that Cressbrook ?

Brad H:
C'mon guys n gals, 93 views and no one is willing to have a guess???

Brooksy and I aren't showing our advancing years for naught are we  :))

Dunno what sorta cod that is. Bit of a stripe through the eye.... hmmmmm Trout cod or trout cod / murray cod hybrid?
Will ask Harro some particulars when I'm talking to him next.

That was one hot lure in it's day.... Any guesses?

Is it a Hot & Tot ?

Im calling a Murray Cod it has a green look about it plus white on fins and tail im most likely wrong never seen a Murray in the flesh only pictures of them

Hot N Tot, thanks Dave that jogged a few brain cells and brought back a few memories. 


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