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Prowler 13 / Prowler Elite 4.1


Just wondering is there any differance between the p13 or the Elite 4.1 with a rudder in performance or are they the same kayak with the Elite just being the newer upgraded model with a few extra mods. on it
Thanks for any help

Cheers Paul

G'Day Paul,
The Prowler 13 & the Prowler Elite 4.1 are the basically the same hull with a modified top half.

Differences are:
Front hatch on P13 upgraded to cross link hatch on PE 4.1
Extra 2 flush mount, waterproof rod holders on the PE4.1 ...     two behind same as P13 + two in front of cockpit
upgraded side handles to solid style

In Australia the Prowler 13 will only now be available as a non-ruddered version in two colors; oceans & mango/flame. RRP 1399.oo
The Elite 4.1 is available in both ruddered & unruddered in four colors;
Unruddered - Flame, Mango/Flame & Camo. 1550.oo & 1599.oo for Camo.
Ruddered - Oceans, Flame & Camo. 1899.00 & 1949.oo

** The reason a Camo color is $50 dearer is that it is a four color mix as opposed to 2 or 3 colors. To get the color spread looking half decent, a Camo boat needs to sit in the oven for an extra 30 - 40 minutes than other color mixes.

Hope that helps.




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