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Author Topic: Fish and tips: Easy ways to identify your catch  (Read 4859 times)

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Qld Fisheries, Editor

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Fish and tips: Easy ways to identify your catch
« on: March 08, 2011, 10:01:53 AM »
Fish and tips: Easy ways to identify your catch

Fisheries Queensland is asking South East Queensland visitors and residents to polish up on fish identification before they cast a line.

 Queensland Boating and Fisheries Patrol officer Hayley Meiers said misidentification of fish was common for species such as flathead, whiting, javelin, snapper and bream.

"All these fish have rules about how many you can catch and keep, or if you are able to catch them at the moment at all," she said.

"Currently there is a six-week interim closure in place in Queensland for snapper, and co-caught species teraglin and pearl perch, until 31 March.

"If snapper is accidently caught it should be returned to the water immediately.

"If you catch a fish and aren´t sure what species it is, you might unknowingly be doing the wrong thing - keeping an undersize javelin (grunter bream), when you thought it was a bream for example.

"There are a few simple tips to help you remember the differences between these fish," she said.

Spot the dot on the mud/dusky flathead - a large dark spot on the tail distinguishes the dusky from other types of flathead.
Check the dorsal on the trumpeter (winter) whiting - a convex dorsal fin sets adult trumpeter whiting aside from sand, goldenline and northern whiting.
Silver javelin and barred javelin can often be mistaken for pikey bream. Look out for silver javelin which has numerous scattered dark brown to black blotches on the body and dark blotches on the dorsal fins.
Barred javelin unlike silver javelin has vertical bars along their flanks. These bars are comprised of spots and blotches. Javelin also ´grunt´ when caught, hence the common name ´grunter bream´.
Bream are completely silver in colour and have no blotches or spots. Bream have a forked tail unlike javelin. Yellowfin bream have yellow-white anal and pelvic fins.
Juvenile snapper, commonly known as ´squire´, are often mistaken for bream. The upper bodies of snapper vary from pale pink to reddish in colour mostly with bluish spots.

Fish species Bag (take and possession) limit Size limit
Silver javelin 10 30 cm minimum 
Barred javelin 10 40 cm minimum 
Yellowfin and pikey bream 30 in total of pikey, yellowfin bream and tarwhine 25 cm minimum 
Snapper  5 35 cm minimum 
Trumpeter (winter) whiting   50 No limit 
Sand, goldline and northern whiting Combined limit of 30 in total of all three of these whiting speciesTD>  23 cm minimum
Mud/dusky flathead  5 40 cm minimum and 75 cm maximum 
Sand and bartailed flathead 5 in total of all flathead (excluding dusky flathead)
 30 cm minimum 

"All bag and size limits listed are current as of 7 June 2010. People planning to fish recreationally can check the latest rules online or call 13 25 23.

"Dedicated web pages on species identification have been developed to assist recreational fishers. Visit for more information."



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