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Harpeng Road Bassin'

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G'day, i was thinking of heading out to chase some bass and launching a Harpeng Road. Never fished this area and only ever fished for bass once. I was wondering about the access issues I have read about and what lures are best around that stretch of the river?

Shouldn't be any access issues.  Spinnerbaits and suspending lures seem to work.

Cheers, thanks for that. Will have to make a quick visit to the tackle shop before I go. Hopefully I can add to my career tally of of 2 bass.

No issues mate.

Just head down past the two houses at the end of the road.

Do not park in front of the farm gates on each side.

Don't try and drive your car down past the gate that goes to the river.

Small hard bodies work well if your a troller

Might be a bit messy out there after the storm yesterday.


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