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Ewen Maddock Fish Managements Website Launch

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G'day all,

I'd just like to inform you about our website that has only been launched today. I'd hate to take you away from this awesome new looking website of Sweetwater Fishing but Ewen Maddock Fish Management Incorporated's new website is , you may have to type this address into your search engine at the top of your engine's page to activate the site. We are hoping to gather interest to our organisation, the dam and placing a message about our groups goals by having a website.

We will be advertising our sponsors on the site with direct links back to there websites and attaching links to sites such as Sweetwater Fishing. Contact details on the site will be online as of tonight.

If you wish to become a memeber of Ewen Maddock Fish Management Inc. or wish to support our small group in any form please PM me or contact me on 0428 598 398.

Check it out!

Cheers Dave

Well done Dave great news mate.. must get out there one weeknd for a fish....

Nice work Dave and plenty of it by the look of things. Ok you've convinced me to take a few more look/sees at this pretty piece of water.
Cheers John.

Great Stuff Bracey.

You guys (EMFM) are doing a great job, the fishery is in great hands.

Will catch up soon for a chat about fundraising....



My understanding of Ewen maddock is that currently there is no SIP required, I could be wrong. I would assume you will be working towards integrating into the SIP system in the near future if that's do-able with the relevant water authority.
Cheers John.


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