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Ewen Maddock Fish Managements Website Launch

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Your smack on the money there John. Thanks for asking!


Dave could you advise me what's the hrs you can fish the dam as in the web page it states it has electrically operated gates. Opening and departure times are displayed at the gates.

Thanks Ray.

G'day Ray,

 I have been on the dam very early, before the sun has even poked it's head up over the horizon and the gates have been always always open. Closing time is about 8pm from memory. I believe that sign may have been removed. The other accesr point is at the picnic area and the dam can be accessed there at any time. I haven't been up there for a while due to construction of new facilities and a concrete ramp being built.


Thanks Dave, just were heading up next Saturday the 26th to pre- fish for the bream round and was looking to fish somewhere that evening.



You (& other fish stocking groups) can now add your groups website to the Links for folks to easy reference.

If you have any problems, let me know.



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