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Fishing Reel Collectors???


Today I dropped into a garage sale just down the road from where I live. The vendors conducting the sale were obviously collectors of a lot of things, old antiques, old biscuit tins, bottles etc.

In the sale there were some old fishing reels, side casters with timber spools, old baker lite Alvey's and one old Daiwa spin reel that may be of interest to a collector, there were about 15 or so that I saw.

If you are interested in any items such as these just let me know as I can always popped down to see what they have during and after the sale as they weren't exactly running off the shelves. They were surprisingly still in pretty good order.

Cheers Dave


Have quite a few myself, including old Alvey wood and others. Bakelites from the Fifties/Sixties never been used in original package. Even old baitcasters from the fifties (Bass/Perch) from the grandfather. One of these days intend to mount. The garage get full of all these things, plus the new toys. At the moment it just new toys and that Sounder as discussed.

There are some collectors out there who pay reasonable prices for old gear especially reels and lures.




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