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Saratoga ?


 over the years i have had more then my share of Sara but just when I thought I had them worked out only to return today stumped as to their actions
 took my married daughter out for a bit of Toga spotting its only her second time and end of day she is picking them out before me

 but what puzzles me is today we saw packs of young Sara cruising and large fish in two,s close together with front fins and spots all lit up bright red,  and one pair swimming in a tight a circle head to tail and at times resting their head on top of each other again all lit up I would think breeding is over for the season but could they be still in breeding mode this late in the year, Im lucky enough to have seen Sara making love before but not this late on my dam
 saw at least 20 today around the 80cm +

Still have one pair doing the dance yet to spawn but had the earliest spawn ever this year.

Thanks Elops
             Yes Im sure we had an early spawn this year too  thats what had me beat seeing this action all over again, maybe its this crazy weather
I was excited to see so many large Toga still in there after the last big overflow

Cod did the same spawned after the storms/rain in august, had one spawn twice.

I was lucky enough to watch a large gathering of saratoga up the Connors River onece. Watched as a couple paired up and did this graceful syncronised swim together. Amazing  :youbeauty


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