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Double Or Single

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--- Quote from: PMC on September 21, 2010, 08:45:33 AM ---
 Braid straight to the hook is fine as long as there is no abrasive in the water.

--- End quote ---

I do that occasionally in weedy areas, but I'd suggest I get away with it because my braid doesn't look like a technicolour yawn on LSD! I use the dark green spiderwire on my barra reels. I dont think some of those really flouro coloured braids would be much good!

I just attach my leader with an albright, nothing fancy, no doubling of the braid or anything, does the job for me.

But then again I use loop knots, not clips, so my leader gets replaced 2 or 3 times a day as it gets shorter than i like (I start with my leader just shorter than the distance between my reel and the rod tip, I dont like the knot under my thumb when casting)

Paul Dolan:

--- Quote ---I know Paul Dolan put me onto 150lb braid for a leader for Barra. That works.
--- End quote ---
Randall yeh mate that was a great system tied with a slm beauty but since going to wind on's I wont use anything else.


Agree Paul...I`ve gone to wind ons myself lately. Nothing on them just yet after Monduran donut recently when we saw you up there. :) Dam pretty quiet all round apart from some distant smoke signals. :o


A bimini twist double is an absolute must for me whether I am fishing light or heavy lines and leaders or wind ons.  After practice and hand/knee usage a bimini becomes very easy to tie I am convinced it gives that extra security in connection strength.


Johnny Mitchell:
*doubled main line through the albright ( tied correctly) gives increasd strength at the knot- why- 2 lines are in use.
The weakness then becomes the bimini. Let 10 anglers tie a bimini and I bet you end up with 10 varied results. The more biminis I tied over time, the faster and more efficient I became at tying them- the end result was weaker biminis. They can be tied too fast and too tight. I learnt via a full circle of experience, and a successful bimini double tied to an albright knot is a great connection. It's used in all of my fishing pursuits as well; from blue water to fresh water; as Shaun says.
Johnny Mitchell


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