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Need help with selecting the right clear coat to use.

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Lurekiller(new name):
Gidday all.
I'm trying to figure out which type of clear to use.
My process I am using is sca primer filler,then an undercoat of some description,then using createx airbrush paints for colour coats,etc.
I've had suggestions of kbs diamond clear coat,but its $75/Lt
I've heard of polyurethane floorboard clears,but these and KBS,once opened have a two WK shelf life apparently.
I've heard of motospray two pak,but unsure of price and where I can get it.
Ideally,I want my lures to shine like Brian Powers.
If you know his work,you'll know what I mean.Brilliant gloss.

Brad H:
Marty, I was using single pack acrylic for a good while, tried Septone, SCA, Duplicolour, White Knight and finally Concept Paints. Never got the depth I wanted even with 10 coats.
Even tried Glass Coat decoupage resin and finally got put onto Iso Cyanate free 2pk clear by Carl Grist.
Since working out the best mix I haven't looked back. Great depth of colour, hard wearing, easy to mix and use through basic equipment. Is expensive at $140 for a 5lt pack, but it will do me for years I reckon.


Lurekiller(new name):
Thanks Brad. Does that stuff need the heavy duty mask?

Brad H:
Not the HD chemical type mask, with no nastys in it all you need is a good particle filter type mask or a fume cabinet, or even just a good cross breeze so you don't end up breathing the overspray and gumming up the lungs. That only refers to the Iso Free paints, with any other 2 packs I would be wearing the chemical type mask.


Lurekiller(new name):
Cheers for that Brad,now the big question.....where can I buy it from??


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