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Mary River cod fingerlings.

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Extract  from LAFMA newsletter

"Hanwood Fish Hatchery of Murgon has been given the go ahead to produce/sell Mary River cod fingerlings. They are allowed 6 pair of  brood stock but the fish must be collected outside the Mary River catchment. Craig has not had much success in procuring brood stock at this stage."
Anyone know if any other hatcheries have approval?

I will trade them some for goldfish.......................

Even though bag limits, size limits, closed waters (around barriers etc) & closed seasons apply to MRCs outside of the Mary R catchment, I won't be a happy camper if I hear of anyone taking breeding stock from the Brisbane, lower / mid Stanley, Bremer catchments without some consultation & I'll want to know where the parents of any fingerlings came from before I'm happy to buy any. 
A hasty decision or suspect activity could cost a shonky breeder a lot of business via other species purchases, or lack there of..... 

Transparency & communication is the key to good outcome on this touchy subject.  :thumb

Good to see some common sense has finally prevailed.

We (Caboolture) would certainly be happy to help him collect some brood stock out of the Stanley. Given we put over 15000 in there, there should be a few around.

Personally, I wouldn't want to see Stocked Impoundment Permit money put towards a fish that the average fisherman cannot target for over one third of the year.  If governments want to save the Mary River Cod they should not use recreational anglers funds to do it.  They should first have the farmers fix the river banks, and re snag the rivers so the fish can rejuvenate themselves.


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