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Mary River cod fingerlings.

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--- Quote from: Binder on August 02, 2015, 07:38:58 AM ---Good to see some common sense has finally prevailed.

We (Caboolture) would certainly be happy to help him collect some brood stock out of the Stanley. Given we put over 15000 in there, there should be a few around.

--- End quote ---

Stocked as part of MRCR&RP and given to you for free to stock actually. I struggle to understand why you(and others) would be happy to help a commercial hatchery remove the large breeders. These are the end result of decades of work and natural selection, now with a closed season they finally may get a chance to actually spawn and give some recruitment. Exchanging these priceless large breeding fish for hormone induced fingerlings that you have to pay for seems like lunacy to me.

To answer your question Ray. One other hatchery should be operating next season, Russell has broodstock out in ponds atm, we have only 2 pair out in ponds at Gerry Cook Hatchery this year.

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This is a two faced argument people you do realise that

So the hateries that do have brood stock, they got theirs through the miracle of ????

Did their fish just happen to naturally just float into their possession to both of them in the great flood of 1723?

I understand people have alliances with other people and had disagreements with others, but someone needs to make me understand this more.

I believe that most of the Hatcheries with brood stock acquired these through the Mary River Cod Recovery Program, although I do recall someone requesting brood stock from the last Kirkleagh Klassic.  In reality, as Volunteer Fish Stockers, we buy fish and stock waters with money raised from recreational anglers; that is where our responsibility and ownership ends.  If anyone takes these fish by any legal method we, the stockers, cannot do anything about it.  Unfortunately, if DAF have given a permit to obtain brood stock, we really can't do sh!t, except express our disapproval.


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