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Lakes Somerset and Wivenhoe 2015 Stocking numbers



The 2015 Stockings for our lakes were as follows;
 Lake Somerset; 198,564 Bass and 82,054 Golden Perch
 Lake Wivenhoe; 124,470 Bass and 101,434 Golden Perch
 Total Stocked; 323,034 Bass and 183,486 Golden Perch    Total of 506,520 fish.

These fish were funded by the Stocked Impoundment Permit Scheme, and a further 50,000 Golden Perch were donated by our fingerling supplier. In total, $129,214.00 was spent purchasing fingerlings.

This brings the total fish released by SWFSA Inc. into the two lakes since 1989 to over 7,610,155. (More than $1,600,000.00 invested)

Somerset and Wivenhoe Fish Stocking Association Inc. will continue to maintain these fisheries for the benefit of all recreational anglers


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