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Title: Lake Clarendon and Lake Dyer – now open for comment
Post by: Editor on February 14, 2014, 05:07:46 PM
Lake Clarendon and Lake Dyer – now open for comment - Seqwater 14/2/14

Lake Clarendon and Lake Dyer are two of Seqwater’s irrigation lakes located an hour’s drive west of Brisbane near Gatton and Laidley. The discussion papers are now on line and the survey is open waiting for your comments.

What do you think of these lakes and how do you think the visitor experience can be enhanced? Click here to read the discussion papers and complete the online surveys.

Important Dates: Information Session in Laidley, 22 February 9:30 - 11:30am.

Go to the website to register for the workshops for these two lakes.

The Recreation Review so far

The Recreation Review commenced in June 2013 and we have now completed consultation for six of the groups of lakes. There have been over 12 information sessions held within our communities and we have spoken personally to over 1000 people throughout this process.

Make sure you check our website (click here) for the new recreation guides for Lake Atkinson, Lake Somerset, Lake Wivenhoe, Lake Baroon and Ewen Maddock Dam.

 Lake Samsonvale and Lake Kurwongbah update

Consultation undertaken on these two lakes was completed early in the program as a large and varied response was anticipated and received. A number of key stakeholders have been involved and it has been to date one of our biggest community responses.

For an update on the release of the recreation guides click here.

Recreation Review Outcomes – Lakes Somerset and Wivenhoe

Seqwater is happy to be implementing changes already that are a direct result of the Recreation Review.

Over the past few months many have enjoyed taking their motorboats on Wivenhoe for the first time. Seqwater have received a number of enquiries about restrictions on this new recreation activity so check out our FAQ’s here.

In addition, Seqwater are continuing their investigations to finalise a design for a northern access point for Lake Somerset. Comments from the review showed strong support for this additional access point.

We’ll keep you updated of the other exciting changes for all the lakes