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Crack down on illegal spotlighting in north east


Media release: Crack down on illegal spotlighting in north east
1 August 12 - VIC DPI

 The Department of Primary Industries (DPI) is warning hunters not to illegally hunt deer, following a recent blitz on deer spotlighting in north eastern Victoria.

During July, Game Victoria and Victoria Police increased their efforts to target illegal deer spotlighting around the Murrindindi Shire.

Game Victoria Senior Game Officer Stewart McGlashan said this was in response to concerns raised by local landholders and legitimate deer hunters who were witnessing suspected illegal hunting activity.

"It is expected that 12 individuals from four separate incidents will be charged with serious firearm and wildlife offences. A number of firearms and spotlights were seized during the operations," Mr McGlashan said.

"Hunting deer at night from a vehicle on a public road poses significant public safety issues and is prohibited in Victoria.

"Hunters who are caught hunting deer from public roads at night face serious charges under the Firearms Act 1996 and Wildlife Act 1975. These charges may result in court appearances, substantial fines, forfeiture of firearms and equipment plus possible cancellation of their Game and/or Firearm Licenses.

"Victoria's hunting stakeholders and representative organisations support responsible hunting behaviour and generally welcome enforcement efforts being introduced to ensure rules are complied with.

"DPI appreciates the support of Victoria Police in conducting these joint operations and values information on suspected illegal activity from members of the local community and hunting organisations."

Mr McGlashan said Game Victoria and Victoria Police will continue to conduct routine patrols, road blocks and planned operations targeting illegal spotlighting throughout north-eastern Victoria and Gippsland.

"There is no excuse for hunting deer at night as Victoria has exceptional deer hunting opportunities for legitimate hunters."

Currently, Game Victoria manages about 23,000 licensed deer hunters and encourages anyone wishing to take up deer hunting to contact their local deer hunting clubs or Game Victoria for further information.

I continue to be amazed about wacko the Mexicans are about protecting feral animals and fish from extermination.

Spotlighting deer from the road can be ver hazzardous if you happen to live in the area.

Yeah the on "public roads" could be an issue!

Mind you we did enough of when we were kids, just needed to be careful how far away from anyone your parents new's place you were ;)


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